Why choose Jon Robert Quinn for your business? 

For over 20 years, Jon Robert Quinn has been an innovator in business and entertainment. Bringing the two together and understanding the physics of marketing and entrepreneurship, he knows what it takes to drive traffic to your business increasing prospects resulting in increased sales.

Quinn takes a hands-on approach to your business, personally hand-selecting who he takes on as a client. This guarantees the quality of his product and a lasting relationship. He also coaches his clients along the way giving insight into what it will take to drive more traffic to their business. He often challenges his clients to be better and step out their comfort zone allowing them to excel. 

Jon Robert Quinn has also published books on business, one being A Bigger Business with Better Results and has produced over a dozen business talk shows, most of which are co-hosted with clients that started as guests on either The Good Life Show or The Jon Robert Quinn Show.

Most clients graduate from guests to sponsors and eventually to having their own talk shows. People like Frank Verni from Investor Profits Now, Cherry Frame from Women's Wealth Warrior and George Romonsky from Why Pay Six Percent all started as guests before working with Quinn to build their own shows. 

The Good Life Show with Jon Robert Quinn was voted #1 FM Radio in 2016 propelling the success of his other shows. 

Over the past several years, Quinn has helped hundreds of local businesses grow using his business and coaching platforms. Now having an international audience, his 60 Minute Success training platform helps countless entrepreneurs with their daily entrepreneurial challenges.  

Jon Robert Quinn also writes a local business column in Mountain Democrat Newspaper, educating the community on how to be a better entrepreneur and showcasing local businesses. 

Are you struggling with your business? Do you need more traffic and more quality prospects, give us a call (916) 289-3710

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Become a Guest

$299 / one time

 - Half Hour Interview
 - Audio & Video Recorded
 - Aired on Money 105.5 FM
 - Increased SEO for your business
 - Social Media Marketing w/ Click Thru

 - Reaches Tens of Thousands of Listeners
 - Streams iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio

Commercial Package

$499 / 6 Months

 - 9 Talk Shows to Choose From
 - 30 Second Commercial during broadcast
- Includes guest spot on The Jon Robert Quinn Show
 - Airs 3-5x per week for 6 months
 - Airs on Money 105.5 FM


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