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Hey, I’m Jon Robert Quinn. I’m an entrepreneur, an author, a musician and a husband. Over my 20+ years building businesses and the Jon Robert Quinn brand, I have won and I have lost. I have failed many times, yet I have won more than I have lost. I wake up each and every morning thinking about how I can improve my brand and help the small-business community become more informed and smarter in their businesses. I have made a ton of mistakes as a business owner. Some people say I am impossible to work with, but we get smarter and stronger as business owners by learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Above you will see my new books. Try them and Buy them. I’m sure you’ll learn something. Below is my story of both my successes and failures. Thanks for hanging around and if you need anything, send me a message.

“mistakes don’t make you a failure, Quitting does.”

- jon robert quinn

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Jon Robert Quinn (born Robert Jones; November 24, 1982) is an American Entrepreneur and Entertainer. Growing up in a broken home, he started channeling his creative energy by picking up piano at age 6 and guitar at age 14.  Starting his first business at the age of 17, he created an online retailer jumping into the cellular market just as Nokia was approaching massive success.  

At 18, he started pursuing his music career releasing New Faces in 2000.  At the age of 22, JRQ toured under Edgar Winter's Tour Manager Steve Orlando playing over 400 shows between 2004 and 2006.  Today he has over a dozen music releases.

At 24, he built Jon Robert Quinn Enterprises, which consisted of an array of online and retail outlets.  In 2008, Northern California Ferrari Specialists (NCFerrari.com) was opened and an instant success working with some of the world's most famous names. Jon Robert Quinn later sold NCFerrari.com to Ferrari North America (FNA) where today it is owned by Foreign Cars Italia in North Carolina.

In 2009, he introduced the world to The Helmet Mohawk with tens of thousands shipping to every corner of the world. He also supplied costumes for the Hit TV Show Person Of Interest on CBS.  Also in 2009, he released Tips To Increase Your Wealth, Health, and Life, an audio book to help young entrepreneurs.  In 2011, the first retail store Jon Robert Quinn International opened and showcased automotive and motorcycle safety apparel and accessories. Two more stores would soon follow and then close mid 2012.

In 2013, Jon Robert Quinn created Awepra.com offering Business & Marketing Solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Awepra is the backbone of his talk shows and education platforms.  Also in 2013, Jon Robert Quinn earned his mortgage license writing mortgage loans for Paramount Equity Mortgage leaving the company 15 months later holding 3 national sales records.

Jon Robert Quinn celebrated 10 years with American Cancer Society in 2015, playing dozens of concerts at Relay for Life Charity events throughout Northern California.

In July 2015, The Good Life Radio Show made it's debut on Sacramento's 105.5 FM and he took on the role of lead-guitarist at Wesleyan Riverside Church in Sacramento, California. 

In 2016, Jon Robert Quinn celebrated 15 years with the music release of The Best of Jon Robert Quinn: Volume Two.  The Good Life Show with Jon Robert Quinn was Voted #1 FM Radio in Sacramento.  As 2016 wrapped, Jon Robert Quinn played his first movie role as "Stranger" in A Christmas Horror Musical.

2017 was a busy year. 60 Minute Success became it's own radio program Premiering February 5th on Money 105.5 FM.  On March 29th, Jon Robert Quinn presents the half-time show for the Sacramento Kings NBA Basketball Team.  In April 2017, The Good Life Show with Jon Robert Quinn billboards start popping up in the Sacramento region. May 5th, 2017 marked the release of Jon Robert Quinn's 14th album with Made In England.  On July 3rd, 2017 opened the Jon Robert Quinn Media Center in Roseville, California giving local businesses an affordable way to produce media content to expand their businesses. The production studio would be moved to downtown Sacramento in the fall of 2017.

The Cash Cow Show with Bradley N. Meyer & Jon Robert Quinn Premiered August 6th, 2017 and 60 Minute Success Premiers September 17th, 2017 on Denver KDMT 1690 AM. This was the start of many new talk shows featuring Jon Robert Quinn. Seattle and Miami markets would soon start adding Jon Robert Quinn programming.

At the close of 2017, Jon Robert Quinn released Tips to Increase Your Wealth, Health and Life in Paperback. This book was short but sweet and gives you the tips and pointers you need to build and maintain a profitable business model. Available on Paperback on Amazon. 

Jon Robert Quinn released his Quinnessential: 20 Years album on January 1st, 2018 with new recordings of old songs spanning his 20 year music career. Also in the month of January, he launched several new radio talk shows with alumni from The Good Life Show. Also, on the 5th of January, The Good Life Show was rebranded as The Jon Robert Quinn Show. The new format allowed for a sleeker and easier format for distribution. The 60 Minute Success Show was pulled from Money 105.5 FM and is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

February 2018 was no different. Very very busy for the Jon Robert Quinn organization. Quinn announced he is touring promoting his new album Quinnessential: 20 Years playing in select cities. 

Many new talk shows were built in 2018 including Women’s Wealth Warrior, Investor Profits Now, Real Estate Investor Weekly, and Your Perfect Home among others. These shows all feature Jon Robert Quinn with different co-hosts representing different industries. Jon Robert Quinn also released several books in 2018 including One Long Road: My Journey as a Musician & Recording Artist, The Cold Call King, and Think and Grow Wealth.

In October 2018, The Cold Call King became an overnight success with books selling to every corner of the world becoming a Best-Seller. Another book release Think and Grow Wealth came shortly after eventually launching into it’s own brand with the Think and Grow Wealth Show coming January 4th, 2019.

The Cold Call King brand takes the company to a who new level with speeches, interviews, clothing line, and The Cold Call King: Executive Edition released in December 2018. Also, The Cold Call King LIVE! is now available on iTunes.